What The Earthworker Is

I've been working on something behind-the-scenes for the past few months. I think it's time I properly share theearthworker.com.

This is the culmination of my three passions: Storytelling, travel, and gardening.

You'd think my first passion would be filmmaking, but I want to extend it a bit. My passion for filmmaking comes from my passion for storytelling.

In ancient times, the stories from our lives and of our elders were what we would pass on to the next generation. These stories were how we kept our identities alive, and every person has a different way of telling stories. My way happens to be through a lens.

My next passion is travel. If storytelling is sharing the stories we've heard and experienced through our lives, then it must make sense to actually seek out experiences worth telling stories about!

My last passion is something a little different. Ever since a young age, I've been proud to be from a family of farmers. I have fond memories sitting next to my grandmother peeling Fava Beans (we called them Fool) and snacking on them, and calling my grandpa (pictured) asking him how to grow vegetables. Once I was old enough to work in the backyard, I was growing produce. It was so much fun & I even had an old blog about it.

Unfortunately, when I entered high school, this passion got swept under the rug. I forgot what it was like to be able to judge the fertility of dirt by picking up a handful of it.

My Grandpa Paul Moses

My Grandpa Paul Moses

That's what this project is. It's me preserving my heritage, sharing the heritage of fellow Earthworkers, and educating the next generation.

But how did you come up with the name?

In Greek, the original language of my name, my name means "tiller of earth," or as you may know by now, The Earthworker.

It would be my honor for you to follow me on this project here on Facebook and on the website.

Instagram & Facebook: @theearthworker
Website: www.theearthworker.com

Thanks Jiddou!

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